Fine Art Gallery & Consultancy

  • Lacerenza FINE ART srl, representing a janiform head, on left side a face of a woman, on right side a face of a bearded man, both with a laurel crown.

    Cavagnis Lacerenza is a Milan-based fine art gallery specialised in Ancient Classical Sculpture, European Sculpture and Works of Art.


    After several years of experience in the busy London art market, working for a leading international auction house and commercial art gallery respectively, Giulia Cavagnis and Giovanni Lacerenza decided to join forces and launch a new partnership to assist clients with the creation of their own exceptional fine art collections.


    Cavagnis Lacerenza advises clients in the process of sourcing art, supports them in the management of their collection, and provides guidance in choosing the best channels for selling their artworks.


    In-depth research, high academic standards and strict confidentiality are at the core of the carefully tailored advice that Cavagnis Lacerenza offers.