• Bacchus & Ariadne by Giuseppe Piamontini, with text by Charles Avery

    Bacchus & Ariadne by Giuseppe Piamontini

    with text by Charles Avery 26 March - 3 April 2022

    Our current catalogue shines a spotlight on the fascinating early 18th century terracotta sculpture of Bacchus and Ariadne attributed to the Florentine sculptor Giuseppe Piamontini. In this booklet, renowned art historian Charles Avery discusses this sculpture in great detail and compares it to similar pieces which can be found in museum collections. 


    This terracotta sculpture is thought to be a preparatory piece for a bronze version of the same subject by Piamontini, which is part of the permanent collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum.


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    For our new catalogue we have decided to explore the habitats in which art objects find their homes. We believe that the curation of ancient sculptures and works of art within domestic interiors plays a vital role in activating the object and its space, sparking a fascinating dialogue between the two.


    The relationship between art and space is one of intrinsic reciprocity. As Germano Celant wrote: "Art creates a space, to the same extent that the environment creates art". Art has the power to animate a space, while a space endows art with new meaning. This relationship has many expressions: the curation of objects within a given context can create a sense of harmony but can also draw out striking contrasts and juxtapositions. A conversation is fostered - the objects sing to their surroundings, which in turn echo back to the artworks.


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  • Preludio

    Entitled ‘Preludio’, our first catalogue offers a prelude to our approach and expertise: presenting artworks of an exceptional calibre, supported by extensive provenance research and a special attention to detail. 

    For this collection we have drawn together a trove of exquisite smaller scale works, each unique in their quality and outstanding workmanship. The artworks, though small in stature, more than make up for it in their beauty. The selection includes rare treasures from antiquity, complimented by fine examples from the Renaissance. 
    Sculpture is the most tactile of all the media, and these little works are delightfully tempting. They range in size, with some of the pieces in this selection small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. The intimate scale of the artworks rewards close examination – each displays beautiful, minutely crafted details.


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