Cavagnis Lacerenza provides tailored advice to international collectors of fine art and antiquities on how to navigate the art world, make informed and strategic purchases, manage collections, and sell a single artwork or an entire collection.


    High academic standards and meticulous research are the central values of Cavagnis Lacerenza, as well as absolute privacy and confidentiality.


    We can assist you in every aspect of collection management, sourcing and sales of artworks to make sure your interests are always the priority.

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    Cavagnis Lacerenza provides confidential expert valuation of single artworks or entire collections, determining the market value of your art. We provide bespoke appraisals and inventories, for collection management purposes or for sale.

    We are constantly looking for artworks on behalf of our clients. After an extensive valuation and only if specific criteria are met, we can offer to purchase the artwork or the collection from you.




    Cavagnis Lacerenza helps organise, catalogue and research antiquities and fine art collections.

    We provide assistance with logistics, taking care of the international transport of artworks, always in respect of the most recent international regulations. 

    We help you make sure your artworks are safe and their condition protected.

    We help you promote your artworks for museum loans in order to increase their cultural, and thence economic, value.

    We manage loans and consignments to museums and galleries, ensuring your interests are secured. 




    We help clients find the perfect artwork for their collection. We constantly monitor the market and look for opportunities on behalf of our clients. Acting as agents, we provide a personalised and comprehensive service to make sure the interests of our clients are secured in every new acquisition. 

    We help clients to purchase art at the right price, giving particular attention to the artwork’s history, provenance and condition.




    We offer tailored advice on how to navigate the art world and make the most of your collection’s potential. We help clients choose the best selling strategy for single works or for entire collections, planning diversified selling strategies based on the characteristics of each artwork. 

    Choosing when to sell is sometimes as important as choosing how to sell. We act as your agent and make sure your interest is protected every time you sell an artwork.





    Whether your collection is large or small, highly valuable or more modest, we can help you make the most of its potential. Cavagnis Lacerenza can help you find the right works, purchase them for the right price and make sure all documentation is in order. We can help you take care of, organise, catalogue and research your collection. Should you want to sell all or part of your collection we will help you choose between private sale, auction or other channels making sure your interests are protected and unlocking the full potential of your art.